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Complete Coating Systems

The engineered combination of various products brought to the market by Erzinger, brings to market the most complete systems for powder coating, liquid paint and paint e-coat. Besides of innovative profiles paint lines vertically. All completely customized and tailored to customer needs.

Custom layouts from the budget guarantee phase assertiveness and competitive prices. With the help of our engineering team Erzinger ensures excellence in the development and implementation of painting lines in the highest degree of efficiency and productivity.

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E-COAT Lines

The painting lines for cathodic electrodeposition (KTL) of Erzinger are built under the strictest quality requirements and meet 100% to Brazilian law.

E-COAT lines per batch systems are equipped with a set of tanks for immersion parts package and a drive system to transfer the baskets (skids) throughout the process. All tanks have agitation and, if necessary, temperature control in order to ensure the efficiency of the electrodeposition process. They have a high level of automation can be integrated into management information systems (MIS) for tracking production line performance.

Lines of continuous E-COAT, have the distinction of simplified automation and high productivity are built to adapt to different spaces available, through the development of layouts customized to customer needs.

The Erzinger has the entire portfolio of adjacent products necessary for the proper functioning of this type of solution, as pretreatment by spraying tunnels, continuous ovens of various construction models, air carriers of medium and high load capacity, among other equipment needed.

Painting Lines for Aluminum Vertical Profiles

Erzinger presents to the market their coating systems for aluminum vertical profiles, it was developed to meet the needs of the processes and demands of different segments. The vertical profiles coating is an innovation in the Brazilian market since it gives to the equipment a significant increase in productivity and efficiency of coverage.

Erzinger is able to develop systems of up to 7.5 meters of height and also has the full range of products necessary for the proper application of paint: surface pretreatment, coating booths, ovens of the drying and curing and overhead conveyors, are some of the equipment that we offer. 

The booths for painting of vertical profiles are prepared to change color and can operate with up to 24 automatic pistols, fixed in electromechanical reciprocators with adjustable capacities. All cleaning accessories and machine set-up are provided and sized according to the project needs.

Powder Painting Lines

Erzinger´s powder coating booths have the highest technological level of the market and are prepared to cover all the diversity of coating processes. Especialize in powder coating,  our booths are set to manufacture different sizes and shapes of products.

These special booths can be manufactured in various materials for different kinds of powder coating and with a high variability of applications, they have high efficiency in the removal of environmental dust and a big variety of dimensions. Visit our Coating Booths page and learn more.

Liquid Painting Lines

Liquid coating booths are the right solution for coating with water-based or solvent inks, you can use these coating booths with other
Erzigner´s equipment like Ovens, Conveyor Systems and Pre Treatment Systems, these equipaments use the same coating lines, except with different chemicals in the process.

These booths bring to the market a diverse range of processes like dry way coating and wet way coating, we also provide the brand new RTS Coating Booth, the first cabin with high durability of filters installed in Brazil.

Our team develop special projects with several facilities like no-explosion system, filter saturation control system, temperature and humidity control. All projects are on demand, with special dimensions as needed. Erzinger appears in Latin America as the best option for those looking for high efficiency and reduced pay-back times.

Pre Treatment by Immersion

Great coating results begin with a well prepared surface. Erzinger provides special lines for Pre Treatment by Immersion, these systems may have manual logistics through pulleys, or they can be drive by automatic cars, check our conveyor systems page to learn more.

The Pre Treatment of surface can be configured in many different ways, to meet these variations, Erzinger has different types of Coating Lines by immersion. They can be made of different materials such as PP, carbon steel and inox steel as required by the chemical used in the process.

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