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Photovoltaic System

Reduce operating costs and invest in sustainable technologies
to become more competitive and well seen in the current market
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We care about
clean water

In partnership with german company KLARO, Erzinger has complete
solutions for wastewater treatment systems.
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Scene of many changes in recent years, the planet earth today demonstrates the consequences of the indiscriminate use of natural resources. Global warming, water shortages and food shortages are just some of the current events that are clearly caused by man. 

Concerned about the future of its customers and future generations, Erzinger brings to the market a wide range of ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS to reduce the emissivity of liquid and gaseous pollutants, through compact wastewater treatment stations and gas scrubbers, as well, the generation of electricity through the installation of photovoltaic panels.

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Photovoltaic System

Wastewater Treatment System

Gas Scrubber System

Photovoltaic System

To customers who want to reduce operating costs and invest in sustainable technologies to become more competitive and well seen in the current market, Erzinger brings to the market its solution for photovoltaic power generation.

A photovoltaic system comprises a set of interconnected components, responsible for generate electricity from solar irradiation. These systems are connected to the public distribution network and work together to meet the demand for energy in the consumer units.

In 2012, the brazillin agency of energy (ANEEL) issued Resolution 482 which regulates the distributed photovoltaic power generation, for companies, businesses and residences that want to generate electricity using solar radiation as the main source. These systems can be designed and installed according to the needs of each user, making it the ideal solution for cost reduction.

Erzinger has a specialized team for development of photovoltaic systems, including design, production, assembly and service, delivering customized solutions with excellent quality and compliance with environmental legislation and safety in Brazil.

Main benefits:

  • Cost savings in the electricity bill;

  • Increase customer property value;

  • Increase customer brand value;

  • Social responsability;

  • Use of empty spaces;

  • Independence of tariff adjustments;

  • Systems with low levels of maintenance;

  • Allowed to obtain sustainability certifications.

More than a trend, sustainable units constitute a new generation of consumer units in which the generation of electricity is not a possibility only for large companies, but also accessible to small and medium-sized users.

For more information, check out our informative folder:

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Wastewater Treatment System

For over three years now,Ebio has been studying the needs and advances of  treatment and management of wastewater in Brazil, as well as accompanying technologies available in the country and in the world.

Ebio wastewater treatment systems work with the SBR method (Sequential Batch Reactor) and are fully automated and can be controlled remotely by remote monitoring/telemetry. The SBR system is a biological treatment system, which exhibits high efficiency in removing pollutants.


  • Very low power consumption;

  • Treatment is performed only by biological processes (microorganisms), requiring no chemicals;

  • Maintenance-free, because the mechanical and electrical components do not touch the effluent;

  • It does not have electric pumps;

  • Great savings of water - the effluent, post treatment, reach levels that allow its reuse;

  • Equipment produced and tested in Germany;

  • It works with only one air compressor and with high efficiency, unlike the conventional activated sludge process;

  • Free of odor and noise;

  • No need for railing;

  • Simple and quick installation.

Solutions for:

  • Residences;

  • Commercial developments;

  • Hotels;

  • Inns;

  • Industry;

  • Condominiums / buildings;

  • Shopping centers;

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Buldings;

  • Rural areas / sites / farms;

  • Allotments.

Our equipments fit perfectly from homes to medium and big businesses. Regarding equipment for homes, we see this kind of solution as an innovation for the domestic market, there´s already a trend worldwide.

We are bringing not just "a solution" to the brazilian market, but an efficient product quality and high durability.

Gas Scrubber Systems

Processes in which chemical compounds diluted in water may be emitted into the atmosphere through vapor must be treated before being released into the environment acording to our legislation. For this treatment Erzinger presents its gas scrubber for filling tower, which operates continuously performing the removal of environmental gases through an exhaust system with radial fan connected to the system.

Inside the gas washing chamber contaminated gas comes into contact with water spray in countercurrent spray nozzles. The clean air is discharged into the atmosphere through an air flow directed vertically upward. As a result of the washing process, the water in the washer tank becomes saturated products withdrawn from the air, necessitating their periodic exchange according to pH measurements performed manually or automatically in the tank.

Erzinger gas scrubbers have the ventilation system after the washing chamber of the gas, causing the air circulating system has a number of gas contaminated efficiently reduced, ensuring longer life of the whole ventilation and electric motor.

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