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Painting Booths

Erzinger provides complete solutions for preparation, capture and retention of particulates for liquid or powder coating systems. The equipments is built according to the highest standards, combining lower cost and high quality to the end product.

Among the concepts of net cabins there are the type DRY, which use disposable paper filters, type VIA MOIST and CORTINA D'WATER, combining high productivity and efficient use of water.

The Erzinger powder coating systems include a variety of configurations and accessories, among which you can highlight, the CPPE A, which are fixed color cabins with integrated powder recovery, CPPE AC with separate stove and dust recovery system and color change and the new CPPE AR that provide high dust recovery efficiency and speed of color change.

In the project a high degree of cleanliness and risk of contamination Erzinger provides CLEANROOMS cloistered for treatment and cleaning control, temperature and humidity in the painting environment.

In line with the global trends of environmentally friendly solutions, Erzinger cabins have great exhaustion, low power consumption and maximum reduction of overspray level.

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