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Technical Assistance

Our biggest goal at Erzinger´s technical assistance is to keep a solid partnership with our customers. We have a complete infrastructure, with professionals prepare to assist different industrial segments, providing services and replacement parts with speed and quality:  

  • Technical support for inquiries

  • Technical training

  • Repair diagnosis and products guarantee

  • Customer and emergency services

  • Startup and commissioning

  • Thermographic analysis

  • Balancing of cleanrooms

  • Technical consultance

  • Equipment repair

  • Supply of parts replacements

  • Technical assistance in the field

  • Service agreements

  • Combustion test

  • Washing of conveyor chains/monorails

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Filters for powder coating

The quality and performance of filters for electrostatic powder coating equipment are essential for proper functioning of the exhaust systems of coating booths.

In addition to avoiding contamination of the environment and unnecessary loss of ink, choose original filters guarantee the exhaust levels needed to maintain the explosive limit short, not offering risks to employees and facilities.

Erzinger´s original filters are imported from Europe, they have long service life, also they are built with the best materials, ensuring low loss and high performance. Always use original Erzinger´s filters.

Filters for liquid coating

Filters are widely used in liquid coating lines, whether to filter the air from particulates and dirt or to retaining overspray in the coating process. Erzinger offers full range of filters and a wide stock for liquid coating lines:

  • Paper oleated filters for liquid coating booths (dry way). Extensive stock of models EF 111 and AF141 from swiss manufacturer ANDREAE FILTERS;

  • German VOLZ filters for air treatment prefilter inflated to paint shops;

  • VOLZ filters for fine filtration treatment of air blown to paint shops;

  • VOLZ resinated webs for retaining ink particles;

  • VOLZ "catch-powder" webs for dust retention.


Erzinger provides different types of burners, like GLP, Propane or Natural gas, they have capacities from 15kw to 1200kw, low emission of NOx and regulation of oxygen for various applications such as ovens, boilers, ovens, among others.

Erzinger uses ELCO burners, a german brand internationally recognized for its quality, efficiency, economy and infrastructure that allows quick service and high availability of spare parts in Brazil.

With a stock of thousands of components, Erzinger imports and provides burners and replacement parts from ELCO and CUENOD - brands of Ariston Thermo Group.


Boilers are used for heat transfer and heating tanks of the products for surface pre treatment.

The heat exchange can be effected by plate-type exchanger or coil, as required in the process.

Provide in different powers capacities, from 150.000 to 2.000.000 kcal/h, boilers are protected by electronic and electromechanical security devices, ensuring performance and high yield.

Spray Nozzles

Ample stock of nozzles and accessories for pre-treatment equipment by spray. We provide nozzles, atomizers, pipe couplings, trees, balls holder nozzles, supports for nozzles, among others spare parts.

Panels and infrared catalytic blankets

Erzinger provides repair services, spare parts and accessories for panels and blankets that work by infrared frequencies.

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